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18th Apr 2016 -

It probably doesn't feel like it now but summer is just around the corner (hurrah) and that means spending more time outdoors on warm, summer nights with your friends, family and a few beers. 

To make the most of summer, we have just launched our Mini Screen cinema service where we will turn your garden (or any space) into your own personal cinema for the night for up to 50 people. We’ll include all the cinema kit you need as well as deckchairs, fairy lights and beautiful touches. We also have a stretch tent available in case the weather decides to ruin things. Our Mini Screen is perfect for garden parties, hen dos, weddings and more. 

However, if you fancy creating your own DIY cinema night, we've put together some handy tips just for you! 

Create the right mood with the right film

Ok, it’s pretty obvious but you have to start with the right film choice. 80’s nostalgia? How about The Breakfast Club? Fancy laughing your head off? Bridesmaids always works for us. Fancy a bit of quirky romance with your new partner? Moonrise Kingdom is perfect.

Hire a decent projector and surround sound system

There are many options to choose from these days but definitely invest in renting or buying a decent projector and surround sound system. Then connect your laptop and away you go!

Find an atmospheric space

Look around your house – you can turn almost any space into a cinema with a few nice touches. If it's raining, why not get cosy and project a film onto your living room wall or ceiling? If it's lovely outside,  why not go alfresco and project a film against your garage door? If you’re feeling plush, you could invest in your own screen.

Reduce any light interference

You’ll want to show your film in as much darkness as possible. If you’re showing the film outdoors, check the sunset times and screen your film once the sun has gone down and the stars have come out. Block any light with curtains if you’re screening inside.

Choose a menu to compliment the film

Food + films = fun! Try to theme your menu round the film you’re watching. Matilda? Chocolate cake. Chef? Cuban sandwiches. Elf? Candy canes (just don’t add spaghetti and maple syrup).

Get cosy

Throw together some mismatched blankets, cushions, hot water bottles, candles and fairy lights to create a beautiful atmosphere in which to nestle down and get cosy for the night.

By Heyla Rae Arbabha

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