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24th Apr 2017 -

Here at the Village Green, we love creating weddings from scratch. Our wedding service was born out of a desire to do things differently and to reject the standard "wedding package" model. We genuinely believe that any venue can be transformed into a stunning wedding reception and we are passionate about throwing ourselves into the most creative of wedding projects.

This past year we have transformed a tennis court and an industrial warehouse space into two stunning wedding receptions. The funny thing is, by cherry picking all the best bits for your wedding, you can actually save money. So here are our tips for creating your own dream wedding from scratch:

Choose your dream location and make it work for you: we would fully recommend thinking outside the box when choosing your wedding location. Our clients, Nicky and Mark, met at their local tennis club in Fulwood. We helped them hold their wedding reception at the tennis club. Our advice is to choose your perfect location first and then concentrate on how to make it work. Once you have permission from the owner of the land or space, it is very easy to bring in electricity, toilets, catering, a marquee or teepee, entertainment, catering, lighting, sound etc. Be bold because it will pay off.

Choose your ideal caterers: the beauty of creating your own wedding from scratch is that you are not tied down to specific caterers. We recently transformed the grounds of a stately home into a wedding reception and sourced Spanish caterers for our couple; Laura and Nate. Their guests enjoyed big sharing bowls of salads, tapas and paella, as well as bringing in their own dessert table. Street food vendors are a vibrant (and often more cost friendly addition) too. We work with lots of different street food traders and they can make your wedding that extra bit special. 

Choose your own drinks: depending on the venue, creating a wedding from scratch means you can source your own wine, beers and soft drinks as well as create your own bespoke cocktails. There are plenty of wine suppliers who will sell you bottles of wine on a use or return basis. Another great way to cut unneccessary costs and serve the drinks you actually love!  

Theme your wedding exactly as your want: by starting with a blank canvas, you can create any look you want. We stock lots of our own equipment and work with some fantastic suppliers, which means our clients can choose the perfect furniture, dance floor, lighting, draping, flowers and decor for their wedding. 

Dance the whole night away: And finally, if you're a bit of a party animal (and who isn't), creating your own wedding from scratch means you can decide exactly when your night finishes. From our experience, a silent disco is a great way to keep the noise down after midnight and party until the early hours. Setting up onsite, luxury camping for guests can also ensure the party continues well into the night.

If you'd like to find out more about how we can help you create your own wedding from scratch, please get in touch by emailing

Happy wedding planning!

Claire x


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